On-Site Refurbishment

To complement the General Industrial paint range, Cromadex also offers a number of solutions for on-site refurbishment. Powder coating or liquid systems that have been damaged can now be easily repaired using a number of painting solutions which include:


Available in aerosols and one litre cans and suitable for use on aluminium, aluminium alloy, mild steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel, zintec and many more. Consult Cromadex for further details.


Using a number of options; aerosols, paint sticks and one litre tins, the majority of Cromadex General Industrial topcoat paint finishes are available for on-site application.
The on-site refurbishment systems are available in:


- primers and topcoats
- one pack and two pack options

Paint Sticks

- for touching up topcoats

One Litre Tins

- for all finishes
- primers and topcoats

Primers available in aerosols:

Galva Spray Primer
A high quality zinc rich (92%) spray primer providing excellent adhesion to galvanised and untreated steel. Galva Spray offers outstanding cathodic corrosion protection, overcoatable within one hour and has the ability to be used at temperatures from 0°C to 350°C.
Alu-Zinc Spray Primer
A bright zinc spray primer for treating galvanised and untreated steel. Alu-Zinc is widely used for spot repairs of new galvanising and general metal working. Alu-Zinc offers excellent adhesion, good resistance to weathering and matches the colour of new galvanising.

Super Build Primer
A fast drying, high build, spray primer for use on bare steel. Super Build is a very fast drying spray primer with high filling properties to help hide substrate imperfections. The primer improves corrosion protection and can be overcoated with a wide range of Cromadex topcoats.

Acid Etch Primer
A high quality fast drying spray primer offering excellent adhesion on many difficult substrates including aluminium, alloy, stainless steel and zintec. Acid Etch contains active rust prevention pigments, is very fast drying and can be overcoated with most Cromadex topcoats.


Two Pack Aerosols
Our two pack isocyanate-free topcoat is now available in an aerosol, enabling on-site repair work to be carried out without the health and safety concerns. It is available in any gloss level and offer RAL, BS, NCS and Pantone colours or matched to your colour requirements.

Single Pack Aerosols
A fast air drying enamel in any gloss level. Available in RAL, BS, NCS and Pantone colours or matched to your colour requirements.

Paint Sticks

A fast air drying enamel available in RAL, BS, NCS and Pantone colours. Any gloss level and matched to your colour requirements.

One Litre Tins

Topcoats available in alkyds, single and two pack, polyurethane, epoxy, hammer, metallic and texture finishes and all gloss levels.